Bohemian, bohemian or both?

Many people love bohemian style, but are they Bohemian?  When you think of the word “bohemian,” the first thoughts that come to mind might be bright colors, long flowing dresses, flowers and tribal themes.  However, “Bohemian” means something entirely different to people with ancestors from Bohemia.  For those who are unfamiliar, Bohemia was a country formerly located in the current-day Czech Republic, a place I was fortunate to visit in 2013.

Prague.jpgPrague, Czech Republic 2013

Both my husband and I are decedents of Bohemian immigrants and look forward to sharing this heritage with our daughter, Evanelle.  According to Molinari (n.d), Czech populations first settled in the Minnesota Territory in 1855, and the Dakota Territory in 1870.  My great-great grandparents were among them.  The Janousek family eventually made its way to Waubun, Minnesota.

waubunWaubun, MN

My grandpa is 100% Bohemian and when he married a woman who was 100% German, he had to remind his mother to speak English instead of Bohemian.

wedding photo.jpgRay and Evanell Janousek, Callaway, MN – April 8th, 1953

Pretty sure Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton was inspired by my grandma when designing The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress. 😉

Recently, I connected with my Grandpa’s sister’s daughters (or my first cousins once-removed) who shared some amazing photographs of my great-grandparents Frank and Celia Janousek.Frank and Celia.jpg

We can find so much inspiration by looking back.  History does tend to repeat itself…  Aren’t they cute?  I just love her bábuška!

Frank and Celia 2.jpg

One of my biggest inner style conflicts is balancing my taste for solids (especially black) with bright patterns.  I often operate under the philosophy that “less is more” but who can resist a nice pop of color?   My Great-Grandma Celia sure seemed to enjoy vibrant fashions.  That blouse!  Those beads!!  You most certainly can be both Bohemian and bohemian!


You can read more about Czech Americans by going to:

Molinari, C. Czech Americans. Retrieved from

2 Replies to “Bohemian, bohemian or both?”

  1. Dear Lindsey…
    This is marvelous. It is interesting how your ancestors and Ryan’s ancestors parallel. I guess I knew that but I didn’t know that.
    Thank you for sharing the concept of bohemiansophisticate… As I look through all the families on the Rezac side.. I see a lot of my cousins portrayed in your blog. I really would like for them to see this because I think they would think it was interesting also.
    I sort of think that’s where I might fall!!
    Congratulations! You did a great job.
    Love you
    Aunt George


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