A philosophy on thought

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If you don’t know what you think and why you think it, what on Earth are you doing? So many people wander through life without ever considering subjects that actually matter. Do you believe in God? How about science? Why or why not? What is your philosophy on living a fulfilling life? Lamentably, most people are sheep. They either do what everyone else is doing or what someone is telling them to do. Very few people live their lives in a way that is fully in line with their beliefs and desires or even know what those are. Too many are comfortable accepting without questioning the status quo, hiding behind the masks they wear out into the world to avoid conflict at all costs. People are more worried about what others think of them than what they think of or for themselves.

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Four misconceptions about people who enjoy art

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25th and 10th, Manhattan, New York City

Misconception 1:  You have to have a degree in Art History to understand and appreciate art.

Not true. It is true that the art world can seem daunting and even unwelcoming. You can hear a pin drop in most galleries and curators seem to size you up by asking questions to assess your knowledge.   Many people would rather skip the embarrassment of not recognizing the stylings of artists like Monet and Picasso than begin to explore the kinds of art and artists that inspire them. Continue reading “Four misconceptions about people who enjoy art”

The Bohemian Sophisticate Toddler Room


One of my fears before having kids was that my living space would be taken over by Disney characters.  Everywhere you turn, you see Disney children’s products…Disney clothes, Disney bedding, Disney dishes… They even put Disney characters on diaper packaging… It’s overwhelming!  Don’t get me wrong, I love Disney but my kids don’t need their characters’ faces on everything they own.  I want my kids bedrooms to feel youthful but also aesthetically pleasing for adults.  I’m also a big fan of gender-neutral coloring.  I don’t mind some femininity but that doesn’t mean my daughter has to have a pink room.

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