What is a Bohemian sophisticate?

Photo by Bryce Johnson, Bryce Johnson Visuals

What is a Bohemian sophisticate?  Dictionary.com (2017) and Merriam-Webster.com (2017), define a Bohemian as a native or inhabitant of Bohemia and a bohemian as someone that is a wanderer or a person living an unconventional life such as a writer or artist.  A sophisticate is highly complicated or someone having a refined knowledge of the ways of the world cultivated through experience, education, or culture (Sophisticate, 2017; Sophisticated, 2017; Sophisticated, 2017).

“Bohemian” and “Sophisticate” are two words that are not incongruous. However, they are not generally paired together, especially in a style sense. Someone with a sophisticated style likes clean lines and classic pieces while someone with boho style favors patterns and flowery detailing.  Although some blending of genres and varying characteristics is inevitable, we tend to gravitate towards the same things time after time based on our tastes.  That is not to say that we must limit ourselves in what we enjoy but boundaries exist in what meshes well together and what doesn’t. Continue reading “What is a Bohemian sophisticate?”

Bohemian, bohemian or both?

Many people love bohemian style, but are they Bohemian?  When you think of the word “bohemian,” the first thoughts that come to mind might be bright colors, long flowing dresses, flowers and tribal themes.  However, “Bohemian” means something entirely different to people with ancestors from Bohemia.  For those who are unfamiliar, Bohemia was a country formerly located in the current-day Czech Republic, a place I was fortunate to visit in 2013.

Prague.jpgPrague, Czech Republic 2013

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Welcome to The Bohemian Sophisticate!  I’m Lindsey.  I’m a wife, mother, educator and outdoor enthusiast and I’m Bohemian in every sense of the word.  I have ancestors from Bohemia and I am a free spirit who enjoys an eccentric lifestyle.  My philosophy includes a whimsical approach to life but also appreciates structure and discipline.  I have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism as well as a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Management.  I have traveled around the world and enjoy photography, design, culture and art.  One might think of a bohemian sophisticate as a bit of an oxymoron.  However, this blog is dedicated to breaking stereotypes, mixing styles and creating art in life.  I enjoy all that is timeless, unique and beautiful!